Thomas Walenta

Keynote Overview: Opening Keynote Day 1

Title: “The Value of Project Management” - PMI’s 2019 Pulse of the Profession®

All strategic change is made possible through projects - and project managers help turn ideas into reality for organizations around the world. Thanks to the knowledge and skills of project professionals, more organizations can achieve their strategic goals – within budget. In this presentation, you will gain insights from PMI’s latest research on how champion organizations effectively implement their visions in a world increasingly disrupted by emerging technology - and how you can better help your organization to succeed.

Sian Jaquet

Keynote Overview: Closing Keynote Day 1

Title: Take Leadership in Your Own Life (Self Responsibility)

To be a good or indeed a great leader, the first person you need to practice your leadership skills on is YOURSELF!

We all want to follow people who have integrity and confidence. That confidence comes from knowing who they are as a person first, then you will find the leader you’re meant to be from within.

Learning to lead your own life with integrity, is the defining factor that separates the wannabe’s, from the good and indeed the great leaders. Leadership is all about relationships, and we won’t trust anyone who can’t trust themselves.

Leadership qualities come from within, they are the foundation of who you are. It’s your life purpose, core values and a meaningful understanding of your life story and beliefs that create the foundations of those elusive leadership qualities. Leading your own life, knowing who “you” are first.

Sian will share her learning and show you how to find out find the confidence to be the leader of your own life.

Ross Dawson

Keynote Overview: Opening Keynote Day 2

Title: The Future of Project Management

The world is rapidly changing, creating both challenges and massive opportunities. Accelerating technologies including sensor-driven data feeding through into AI and augmented reality, rising social expectations for sustainability, efficiency and accountability, and structures for value creation shifting to networked platforms are all shaping a very different world for project managers. The nature of work is fundamentally changing in a highly dynamic environment, leading to organisations reshaping themselves based on open, agile, flexible structures and ways of working. Personal and organisational leadership is required to deal with the extent of change and seize emerging opportunities. Project managers will be at the heart of that future.

Dr. James Brown

Keynote Overview: Closing Keynote Day 2

Title: Change Management: The Undercover Role of the Project Manager

Do you have the fundamental change management knowledge to assure project success?

Change management for organizational (stakeholder and customer acceptance) of change is the responsibility of the project manager. But, it is a role that is typically underappreciated… underutilized… and frankly not even recognized by many project managers. Change management is complex. There is no cookbook recipe you can find and then simply apply to your situation. Change management is necessary for success. Just like a battery stores up energy, you need to store up knowledge of change management and then apply when needed. This keynote presentation will help you do just that.


  • Change management requires a plan, and fancy change models are not required for success
  • Without adequate change management, a project can fail even if the deliverable meets and/or exceeds all project objectives
  • Change management must also address the journey to the deliverable