Conference Book Exchange

The 2019 PMI Conference Book Exchange helps connect book owners who are interested in trading their used books with other book owners' used books. It's a win-win because everyone gets to enjoy a new book without needing to spend the extra cash making more space at home to store old books.

Why Participate in the Conference Book Exchange

Avid readers hoard books like squirrels hoard nuts, but even the most relentless pack rats can run out of space. That's where our book exchange comes into the picture. You can participate in our Conference Book Exchange by swapping your book for another. Your old book finds a reader, and in return, you get a new used book to read.

2019 Conference Book Exchange = Good for the Environment

One neat aspect of participating in our Conference Book Exchange is the benefit to the environment. According to Greenpeace, one Canadian Spruce tree can produce only 24 books. This means with only a couple of dozen exchanges you will have saved a tree. Participating in our book exchange also saves on ink and leaves a smaller environmental footprint than printing a book.

So bring along a book or two, and help save the planet.