James Brown

Thursday Breakfast:

Value Based Project Selection and Prioritization

Many project managers and other professionals exist in an environment where “everything” is considered top priority. Can that really be true? Can everything really be top priority? What are the consequences of everything being top priority?

The most effective organizations ensure valuable resources are focused on the most valuable projects. Selecting and prioritizing projects based on company and organizational values provides focus, clarity and direction. While the benefits may be self-evident, the challenge is that organizational values are often conflicting and achieving one objective can be at the expense of another. Additionally, how a company achieves “buy in” from the many project stakeholders in the selection and prioritization process can minimize the negative political gamesmanship that often takes place later when buy in is not achieved.

Can the process of “buy in” to the prioritization process be as important as the outcome? This session will provide those answers and many more.