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PMINZ New Zealand Project Management Awards 2019

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Psoda Supreme Project of the Year Award

Who will take out the 2019 Psoda Supreme Project of the Year Award?..... 


Tregaskis Brown Public Sector Project of the year

Tūranga - New Christchurch Central Library

The NCL/Tūranga Establishment Project was setup to und undertake the transition of Christchurch City Library services and operations from the Christchurch Temporary Central Libraries into the New Facility and capture all elements outside of the base build contract to ensure the facility could operate from Day 1.

Tūranga is no doubt a stunning building and a world class facility, but a building by itself is not a facility and this is    a very important distinction often forgotten. What makes this facility world class is not the arrangement of glass, timber or steel. It is the cultural fabric woven through the spaces, it is the knowledgeable, friendly staff, it is the learning that takes place each and every day from the plethora of content, it is the place where family members of multiple generations come to connect and it is the voice of the community that was listened to in the creation of this facility. It is these things the Establishment Project enabled.

“The project to undertake the fitout and establishment of Tūranga, Christchurh’s new flagship public library, has been an untold success story behind the high profile opening of the city’s stunning new facility. The manner in which the project was managed and executed has changed the way the Council view and undertake major facility projects.” Carolyn Robertson – head of libraries and Information Christchurch City Libraries.

Tāne Whakapiri – Treasury Accommodation Project

The Treasury’s lease on the tower section of No.1 The Terrace was due to expire in 2018. The Treasury took the opportunity to develop a future-focused workplace for its staff while delivering cost savings as part of the public sector’s Wellington Accommodation Project tranche 2 (WAP2).

The Tāne Whakapiri project has fundamentally changed the way that the Treasury’s people work. The project refitted four levels of 1 The Terrace, introduced new technology solutions, started a journey of culture and capability shift and relocated approximately 600 people. The Treasury now has an agile working environment with a wide choice of alternative workspaces. Despite significant challenges posed by the November 2016 earthquake and reuse of furniture and IT equipment the project exceeded expectations and delivered early and under budget. All this was achieved by taking a collaborative, open and trusting approach with all stakeholders including landlord and contractors.

“As a member of the project steering group, I had confidence that the project was always under control, that I was fully informed, and that risks and issues were understood and managed throughout the process. The project team delivered a solution that exceeded expectations, ahead of time, under budget and with minimal impact on the Treasury's operations” – Struan Little - Acting Secretary to the Treasury

Human Resources Information System (HRIS) - Stats NZ

The HRIS and Payroll project is an exemplary example of fit for purpose methodology i.e. innovation in procurement, planning, design and implementation. The project has set up a strong example for other projects within Stats NZ and wider organisations across NZ to be followed.

The project was not just completed on time, in scope, on budget and delivered a working system without any real issues, but also achieved its benefits.

Project Executive Terry says “All in all a fantastic example of a project at all stages of planning, implementing, testing and delivery. It thoroughly deserves to be recognised.


Other Project of the Year

Huntly Power Station Unit 5 Outage Project – Genesis Energy

The project team for the Huntly Power Station Unit 5 Outage Project was a cross-functional team bringing together both subject matter experts from different areas of Genesis and external contractors.  The project was managed by Genesis’ Tim Stapleton. Our project success can be measured on two dimensions. We delivered the project on time, under budget, to a high level of quality compliance and excellent health and safety record. Importantly, worker wellbeing and satisfaction was extremely high. We are proud to have received feedback from our contractors on how it was a pleasure to work with a focused and dedicated team.  Genesis people worked incredibly hard to create a safe environment for everyone working on the project, and they achieved this and delivered an outstanding business result.

Picasso – Edgecumbe Stormwater and Wastewater Upgrade - Fonterra

With its formation in 2001, Fonterra inherited a legacy of industrial sites with aging infrastructure. Expectations for environmental control and management have changed since these sites were established many years ago.  The Fonterra Edgecumbe site had challenges with existing systems and achieving compliance.  A multi-million-dollar project was established to address on-site stormwater issues and deliver improved environmental outcomes. Works included development of a process tailored to retrofit large scale industrial sites nationally. Picasso Edgecumbe Stormwater and Wastewater Upgrade was a significant investment to improve water quality and catalyst for change within Fonterra. We recognised that environmental performance is reliant on behaviours, focused on creating a collaborative atmosphere, where people were connected to the project via hearts and minds to create sustainable change.

Combination of technology, process and people culture, came together to deliver lasting change for Edgecumbe site and local community. This was a project where our success demonstrated the value of investing in people to create enduring behavioural change, as well as infrastructure, to create real value for both environment and community.

“Project Delivery was to a very high standard, achieving the business case on time and under budget, resulting in environmental performance, care for our people and the environment and ongoing operational savings. This project has achieved support from our stakeholders, strong community engagement and cultural change of the Edgecumbe site.”  Peter Murphy General Manager Operations CNI.

Natural History Exhibition Renewal – Te Taiao | Nature - Te Papa

Te Papa’s Te Taiao | Nature zone is the museum’s biggest and most ambitious exhibition project to date. It opened on 11 May 2019, with the goal of sparking curiosity in the natural world and action to protect it.

This ambitious and highly complex $12m, 3-year project involving 100 staff, multiple stakeholders and contributors, and over 50 contracting companies was managed as a single project to be delivered on budget and on time. The result was a durable, interactive, inspiring experience that sets a new worldwide benchmark for natural history exhibitions. Project management covered the design and build of the gallery itself, the development and delivery of more than 40 physical and digital interactives (each a mini-project in its own right),  plus graphics, model-making and mount-making, all supported by lighting and furniture designed to meet accessibility and sustainability requirements.

This project included the decommissioning of the existing exhibitions in the 1400square metre space; the demolition of the existing galleries; the construction of the new gallery and bringing the gallery space up to regulation standards. This included upgrading services such as power and data; HVAC; fire as well as engineering and floor loading requirements to construct the gallery to house the exhibition.

“Interest in our approach to design as well as Project Management and Planning has been high among other GLAM organisations – national and international – that are in the process of renewal, demonstrating Te Papa’s leadership role in the sector and this is a testament to the success of this project.” ­– Frith Williams – Head of Experience Design and Content.


Project Plus PMO of the Year

Fonterra Capital Sustainability Programme

The Global Operations capital PMO team were set a huge challenge by the business, to develop a significant capital programme in a relatively short time (months). This required diverting resource and existing capital focus, to support the business in an area of great importance to Fonterra’s reputation and place in the wider NZ community. Identification and development of valid concepts and projects was a priority, together with education and support for the business to understand the capital process and programme requirements. This was backed up by detail work on the programme and every project, to ensure measurable deliverables and early success across a multi-year programme. Efficiency of capital work, resources and spend was still a high priority. Due to its existing high standard of collateral and experience, the PMO could provide the quality of work needed. The new programme has now funded 38projects with 23successfully completed. This work has resulted in significant initial progress to Fonterra’s public sustainability targets, and good learnings to support the balance of the programme.

“The Global Operations Capital Projects PM0 has successfully and consistently delivered value to the Co-operative, to the farmer shareholders, and in-turn, to New Zealand communities.”Rob Spurway COO Global Operations.


During 2018, the TVNZ Planning and Delivery team recognised that portfolio and project management alone is no longer enough to deliver successful change in an ambiguous, complex and quickly evolving media organisation. Evolved to more than a PMO, the TVNZ Planning and Delivery team kept ahead of rapidly changing business by continuing to strengthen and refine their core portfolio and project capability. This all whilst adding agile facilitation and coaching skills and actively dissemination those skills through TVNZ as needed to be deliver successful project. We are not bystanders of TVNZ being disrupted but right in the thick of it; supporting with our business and their change initiatives.

Waitematā District Health Board Portfolio Support Office

 It is widely accepted that the most challenging part of improving maturity is the initial move from “awareness” of process to “centrally defined” and embedded (i.e. the change from a P3M3 maturity of 1 to 3). This challenge becomes significantly harder when seeking to deliver a maturity increase across all seven P3M3 perspectives concurrently and trying to achieve this enterprise wide across a very large and diverse organisation

Waitematā DHB has 7,500 employees, providing healthcare to 600,000 people.

The PSO successfully delivered a transformational P3M improvement programme across the entire organisation. All seven P3M3 perspectives were improved concurrently and, independent verification has seen the overall organisational maturity increase from 1.4 to 3 within two years.

The organisational culture has changed from one where P3M was not recognised as a core function to one where it is now a core function and that sustaining the P3M improvement is now critical to the on-going delivery of healthcare services

 “The establishment of our new P3M framework provides the organisation with a single way of delivering projects and programmes from idea to benefit realisation which has been a significant outcome given the size and complexity of the organisation” Dr Dale Bramley - CEO


FALCON Project Manager of the Year


Glenn Forber - BECA

In early 2018 Glenn was tasked as the Project Director for the refurbishment of the Aotea Centre in Auckland, the leading civic arts centre in New Zealand.

Glenn is a calm leader amidst a crisis. His leadership and diplomatic approach guides project teams to success. It’s the position he constantly puts himself in – while considering the best interest of the client, he is realistic and takes ownership of any project’s direction. He gives advice that needs to be heard rather than what others want to hear, always in a constructive and professional manner. He embodies the PMI ethics in this way and continues to give back to the discipline by mentoring others.

“This has been a very challenging project which the Beca Team have tackled head on with an outstanding level of professionalism. They brought to the table their combined experience in risk, construction and stakeholder management, constantly driving an environment of collaboration between RFA, NZ Strong Group and the design team to find best for project solutions” Jonathan Wilcken RFA – Director.

Raewyn Cummings – Te Papa

Raewyn was the Project Manager for Te Papa’s new 1400 square metre Te Taiao | Nature zone. This complex $12 million capital project is the museum’s largest and most ambitious exhibition renewal so far. Raewyn sustained performance throughout this complex, high-pressure 3-year project, creating a world-class experience within business case time, resource and budget constraints. 

This project achieved its goals in terms of design, accessibility, community outcomes and biculturalism – as well as its most ambitious aim: inspiring and motivating New Zealanders to take action to protect the natural world.  

Raewyn’s planning, documentation and management of the project using PMI tools was the backbone to this success. Her experience and initiative kept the team motivated and on track while creating an environment that allowed them to be as creative as possible.

“Raewyn Cummings has been an exceptional Project Manager for this complex project, Te Taiao | Nature. Te Taiao | Nature is a completely new long-term exhibition at Te Papa based on a close connection of Mātauranga Māori and Natural History. Raewyn’s ability to create a productive delivery team, from a combination of researchers, designers, digital producers, experience developers and a large suite of contractors and sub-contractors has been amazing. This complex project had construction outcomes, which needed to be accomplished in off-visitor hours, an enormous number of separate and bespoke interactiveand mechanical devices and a large amount of digital content and hardware.” Dr Dean Peterson

Subra Yeleswaram - TVNZ

Subra started FY19 rescuing TVNZ’s largest project, which was running 6 behind schedule. Not only did he wrangle the complex platform replacement back to stability but was also able to cut over with no significant issues and close the project within budget. Subra then moved to a multi-million-dollar platform storage upgrade to complete the project successfully on time and within budget.

Subra has been somewhat of an unsung hero during his 5 years at TVNZ. Projects placed in his care succeed: they deliver the required outcomes to TVNZ within budget, and when Subra has led the full lifecycle they deliver on time. Subra does not rely on past success, established relationships or showmanship to lead his projects, though these do help. He gets straight to work establishing fit for purpose governance, plans and delivery structures for his projects.

He leads from the front, pushing through barriers he knows he can move or quietly escalating where appropriate.


Media Design School Emerging Project Manager of the Year

Brayden Barnett – Octa

Brayden was engaged to undertake the management of the Establishment of Christchurch Town Hall facility less than 4 months from the scheduled event opening. In over 15years in the industry I have not met anyone more capable of seeing how something is done once and when required of them, replicating/improving upon it with minimal supervision. His personable nature and understated attitude of his abilities that drives his continual learning is refreshing in our profession. His achievements in the first 2 years of his project management career are remarkable. His ability to deliver on

highly complex, high profile projects in difficult situations belies his years and would be comparable of those with experience in their decades.

 Throughout his time with the Town Hall project, Brayden has made a positive and significant impact on the success of the fitout and establishment phase. He has consistently had to bring his collaboration, negotiation and problem-solving skills to bear on some challenging situations and has done so with a clear focus on understanding and delivering on client expectation” Chris Wallace – Vbase - General Manger Projects

Harry Gibson – BECA

Harry is a first-rate example of an emerging leader in the Project Management field in New Zealand. In his short time in industry, he has demonstrated an approach and expertise beyond his years. Combined with a commitment to continually developing both himself and others, Harry is set to make a very positive impact on the profession. With his genuine and approachable style, natural leadership ability, and willingness to ‘go-the-extra-mile’, he has become highly respected by work colleagues, senior leadership, clients and contractors alike, and is in demand across the Beca business as well as the local and international market. Harry has demonstrated exceptional project management acumen, stakeholder management, and leadership.

“I have no reservations whatsoever in putting Harry’s name forward from our time working together on the successful delivery of this project; i.e. the project being delivered under budget, ahead of schedule, with no lost time injuries and 100% client satisfaction” Steve Bailey – Apollo Projects – Senior Project Manager

Timothy Field – Transpower

Tim successfully directed and lead a significant Transpower project involving a large multi-million-dollar upgrade to critical electricity grid infrastructure at the Carrington street substation in New Plymouth. This Carrington street substation supplies electricity to the entire New Plymouth central business district.

Tim is an exuberant individual who radiates positivity throughout any project or working team he is involved with. He is constantly searching for lessons and knowledge from everyone around him, regardless of their position or role. He demonstrates a default open-minded approach to all situations, which fosters his emotional agility that allows him to thrive in new and unfamiliar environments. Tim manages to exert a large amount of influence both internally and externally to his projects, especially for someone so early on in their professional career.

Research Award of the year

Framework to proactively influence the health of complex business change projects - Patricia Schaeffer de Melo 

The research undertaken was part of the Master of Engineering Project Management at the University of Auckland and it was carried out from October 2018 to June 2019.   

The purpose of this research was to perform a case study analysis on emergent project management practises within some projects in the University of Auckland Strategic Programme Office (USPO) with the objective to provide structured recommendations to pro-actively influence the health of their future projects.  

The conclusion of the research is that as important as choosing effective project managers, it is to monitor the quality of the key relationships throughout the project life.  As a recommendation to pro-actively influence the health of projects, the research proposes a simple model to assess and monitor these key relationships. 


Quest - Volunteer of the Year

Michael Hawker- CPN Coordinator and Facilitator for the Manawatu and Whanganui

Michael has been consistently raising the bar of volunteering. His contribution to the PMINZ has been fostering the PM profession in Regional areas.  I believe his energy level and efforts in volunteering for PMINZ are commendable and worth recognising.

There had been decline in number of people coming into CPN in regions. Michael’s singular contribution has been full of energy and extra ordinarily successful in the revitalisation of the certification preparation networks (CPN) in the Manawatu He is one-man army for CPNs in the Manawatu and has been contributing more than an expected level of commitment. He has an outstanding record of accomplishment with the CPN outcomes. (more than 90% pass rate for the group). The success rate of Michael’s CPN has been encouraging people to pursue project management as careers. Michael had a major contribution in the project of updating the CPN material -to accommodate the changes and carry out smooth transition from PMBOK v5 to PMBOK v6.And continuously updating the material to benefit the CPNs-creating the CPN evaluation form-now working on the update of the study material to align with the forth coming exam changes in December 2019.

Rhys Watson – National Membership Lead (2016 - present)  Conference Team member 2016 2018 and 2019

The dedicated and extended service Rhys has given to the Chapter over a long period deserves the highest recognition. This demonstrates a high level of commitment to PMINZ. It needs to be pointed out that not many volunteers have or currently are delivering and contributing to the Chapter in two key areas that being to Chapter Membership and to the flagship Project Management Conference as Rhys is currently doing.

Much of the work Rhys does as a volunteer for PMINZ requires significant planning skills (for example working on the Conference Team). Being able to carry out sometimes complex operations and timing consuming administrative tasks in a timely manner with aplomb. Rhys also recognises the importance of customer. Frequent referrals from customers from the Chapter Operations Team about Chapter Membership matters are referred to him are always answered comprehensively and in a timely and professional manner.

During his time with PMINZ Rhys has become of the most knowledgeable senior volunteers.

Sarndra Flay – PMINZ Awards Lead 2017-2018

Sarndra resumed the role of Award Convenor in 2017 and proceeded to add much needed structure to the Awards.

As Awards Convenor Sarndra developed and implemented well thought out strategies, plans at both operations, communications and marketing levels. Because of her efforts this led to an increase in both the number of nominee’s and quality of the candidates. Sarndra contributed to setting a high standard for the PMINZ Awards and increasing their value to the project management profession in New Zealand.