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Project Management Conference 2018

SkyCity Auckland, 19-21 September 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Project Management Conference "Next Generation - The evolution of Project Management"

This year’s conference looks at how the project management profession is developing and morphing to suit the business environment. Relentless transformation of products, services, building, and technology has put project managers in the driver’s seat.  How are trends in technology and construction shifting and shaping the way we work in teams and with our customers?

Evolution is about taking the time to reflect on what has worked well and how we can take these learnings and adapt to our now high speed creative environment. It is time to discover which skills, trending ideas and training the next generation Project Manager needs to drive performance and add value to their organisation.

This year's program will focus on a Project Manager’s soft skills and personal development.  Plus the technical skills sets of scrum master, agile techniques, new technologies and a new stream focussing on construction and engineering. The Conference will have a great line up of keynote speakers, masterclasses to suit all varieties of PM, and presentations to challenge the mind and learn from.  The signature Project Management Awards dinner is an event not to miss with what is sure to be a great line up of nominees, and brilliant entertainment in the heart of Auckland city.  

“Transformation isn’t about improving it’s about re-thinking” – Malcolm Gladwell

Our 2018 conference focuses on three key aspects of evolution and our future generation of Project Managers:

Next Generation Project Manager

“What one generation tolerates, the next generation will embrace” – John Wesley

Every generation is unique.  Baby boomers are moving on and a new younger generation is coming through with fresh ideas and unique approaches.   Our future project managers are embracing our profession but it’s always wise to see what changes are in store for us and them. How does a project manager evolve in a world of on the brink of its 4th industrial revolution?

The basic skills of project management and first-rate communications still have their place in this futuristic era.  Be it via Skype and or working remotely – the need for collaborative team space online will most likely end up being the tool of choice. Information sharing will become imperative and how this information is collected, stored and presented will determine what additional skills a project manager will require. The Evolution toolkit for Project Managers is getting bigger and bolder.  And it wants to be filled with the brightest and smartest tools it can grab.  

Next Generation Technology

“It is not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one who is responsive to change” – Charles Darwin

Business needs are changing; the pace is faster than ever before.  The expansion of Artificial Intelligence and algorithms, pay wave, drones, self-driving cars, Uber eats, online shopping, voice ID within banking systems, everyone wants everything ‘on demand’. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are changing the way the world reacts online and beyond. Concepts like “big data”, digital transformation, VR (virtual reality) and IoT (Internet of Things) will fundamentally alter the way we live, work and relate to our peers. 

Not long ago – many of these everyday tools were just concepts - But now they are OUR REALITY.

The 4th industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) is right upon us and will require a productivity increase and flexibility in processes. The business environment may become so complex, that the breadth and depth of these changes will transform entire systems of production, management and especially governance. We really do live in exciting times - But what does this mean for the Next Generation Project Managers now careening through this high-speed realm?  Where do we fit in?  How do we keep up the pace and listen to crowd demand?  What are the important topics, tools and methods we need to know and deliver from a technological aspect?

Is it a challenge or an opportunity – OR BOTH?

Next Generation Construction

“Speed is the new currency in business” – Marc Benioff (Chairman & CEO of Salesforce)

One area that is in need of adaptation is the construction industry. The construction industry hasn’t really changed since the 1980’s, building a house is still done very traditionally in New Zealand. Is it time for the housing and development industry to change and adapt to new methods? 

The Government want more houses built – it’s like Post War New Zealand all over again. But the demographic has changed and the burdens people face has also changed.  Surging demand, an increasing population, how will this industry keep up with the demand?

Engineers, designers, and architects are combining computational design and BIM Modelling to capture their IP and stay ahead of the game. What role will project manager play in this change and what challenges do they face in a future evolving so quickly – that traditional models can’t keep up?