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Project Management Conference 2019

24-26 September 2019, Te Papa, Wellington, New Zealand

Welcome to the 2019 Project Management Conference "Be The Change"

Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā tatou katoa

On behalf of the PMINZ Board and Conference committee, I am honoured and delighted to introduce you to “Be the Change” the 25th Project Management Conference in Wellington at the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa.

I believe we have chosen a venue that guarantees a successful conference amid the warm culture, diversity and scenery of Aotearoa.

Our program is rich and varied with four keynote presentations, two breakfast sessions, streams of concurrent presentations, masterclasses, workshops, lightning talks, site visits, exhibition stands and ample opportunity to organically network with amazing delegates throughout the three days of conference.

Once again, we welcome Greg Ward our very talented and energetic Master of Ceremonies.

A very warm welcome to the fantastic Conference Convenor, Gina Barlow who is delivering the conference and the team of volunteers behind the detail, many thanks indeed on behalf of all the members of the institute.

As a conference sponsor, I know that the success of the conference depends ultimately on the many people who have worked with us in planning and organizing both the program and supporting social arrangements. Thanks also to the highly professional Chris Peak and the staff of “The Conference Company” our conference management providers.

Matthew Percival VP Special Events and Board Director PMINZ


Around 500 B.C. Heraclitus said…”The only thing that is constant is change”. As change practitioners we should be aiming to be the best professionals we can be by understanding change will always be happening, within us, around us and because of us.

In Business transformational change can involve products, services, construction, and technology and could be the difference in your company’s success.

Evolutionary change will also be happening, maybe not at such a fast pace, but the changes still occur, being aware of this and embedding transformational change is critical to long term sustainable success.

If you've ever tried to make a big change in your team or organisation, you'll know you can't just expect everyone to hop on board! Many people feel wary of change. So it's important to prepare them for it and guide them through the process.

This year's program will focus on a Project practitioner’s ability to influence positive change for success of the project, the business and of course their own wellbeing and future goals.

Our conference will be guaranteed to help provide you with answers in how to action and embed change, so put the dates in your diary and book now.

Photo credits:, Terina.G and Matt Percival Photography