Site Visits

Wednesday 19th September

Come along to some great site visits organised in conjunction with this year’s conference!

City Rail Link     2:00pm – 4:30pm

The City Rail Link project is the top transport priority for Auckland. With the population expected to grow by 700,000 people in the next 30 years, this project coupled with the bus improvements is the only way to keep Auckland moving.

The visit will consist of a large group CRL presentation followed by a route walk along Albert Street.  Please note that due to Health & Safety regulations, no site access will be possible.

With the CLR project underway for a few years now it’s a great opportunity to hear how the Project Team have managed the following;

  • How does progress to date compare against planned time & budget.
  • Has the scope changed – items added / removed? 
  • Were any risks which were initially identified mitigated?  If so then how?
  • How has the goal of “little disruption to the moving of people in the city” been achieved?

Major Transformational project      1:30pm – 4:30pm

Visit an “iconic” Auckland company and find out about their transformational journey.

Note: The company will be confirmed shortly.

Auckland Museum      1:30pm – 4:30pm

Get up close and personal with a “behind the scenes” visit to the Auckland Museum, and hear from the Head of Exhibitions and Engagement.