Programme Schedule

Further information about each of the conference sessions can be found here for Thursday and Friday.

08.00-18.30 Registration Desk Open
09.15-12.45 Master Class 1
Value Management – More than Cost Reduction
Iain Fraser
Master Class 5 
Agile Planning and Estimation 
Edwin Dando

Master Class 6 
Fast-track Agile Certification (Full-day)
Mike Roberts
13.45-17.15 Master Class 2 
Portfolio Management – A Way of Doing Business
Iain Fraser
Master Class 4 
Building the Future with a High Performing Team
Wayne Dellow
Student Seminar
1400 - 1700

Site Visit 1: Shake, Rattle and Roll


Site Visit 2: Canterbury District Health Board Design Lab 


Site Visit 3: Rebuild Tour


Welcome Function

Addington Raceway and Events Centre


07.00-17.00 Registration Desk Open

Breakfast Session: Consultation, challenges and risks for a charitable trust promoting a multi-million dollar project

David Goodman - East Lake Park Trust Project


Welcome - Conference Opening

Address by Hon Nicky Wagner Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration

Address by James Dobson, President Project Management Institute NZ


Keynote: "The Value of Project Management” PMI’s 2017 Pulse of the Profession®

Caterina La Tona, Vice Chair PMI Global Board


Morning Tea, Sponsored by Falcon

  Building a Better Future Building a Better Organisation Building a Better Project Manager Building a Better Project

Secure project delivery, the future is now

Ferdinand Hagethorn

"Alone we are smart; together we are brilliant!" How to collaborate successfully - Stabicraft 1600 Fisher case study
Jonathan Prince

How to develop Project Managers in order to deliver more successful projects

Phil Jacklin 


Breaking through with benefits management and writing your first business case

Youssef Moura


DevOps - delivering projects faster with quality, helping PMs to support future IC&T innovations

Rosantha Polhena

Programme management – The practical insights we have learnt for managing more successful programmes

Sarah Davenport and Bob Gutsell

Neuroscientific and Servant-Leadership insights for the reduction of project risk

Grant Avery 


Lunch, Sponsored by LPS

13.00-13.45 PMINZ AGM
  Building an Agile Future Building a Better Organisation Building a Better Project Building a Better Project

Agile Transformation of a specialist health service in NZ

Jane Farley


Understanding the challenges for future smart city project management

Bahram Pishravi

Project Leonardo – Pahiatua Development…One Team, One Site, One Culture

Paul McGinn and Michelle Jenkins


Safety in Re-Design – practical lessons in risk management from complex re-engineering projects

Alex Martin



Afternoon Tea, Sponsored by Promapp


Keynote: Leading from the Middle
Dr Alicia Aitken, Lead, ANZ Transformation and Change

18.30-Late Awards Dinner at The Airforce Museum
Awards ceremony, Dinner, Entertainment


07.00-16.00 Registration Desk Open

Breakfast Session: An Inside View - The America's Cup, Bermuda

Ian Taylor, Animated Research Ltd


Keynote: "From a Nation Born of Sailors"

Ian Taylor, Animation Research


Morning Tea, Sponsored by Millpond

  The Future of Our Profession Building a Safer Future Building a Better Profession Building an Agile Future

Conflict of interest: Its impact on leaders and project management practitioners

Amany Nuseibeh & Alankar Karpe

0 to 100, the Safe Roads PMO

Dave van Staden & Liv Theunissen

Is mindfulness the key to project success? Introducing the calm project manager

Mark Jamieson



Workshop: Introduction to Agile

Edwin Dando



Panel Discussion: Bursting the process mountain and going past normal

Iain Fraser, Grant Avery and Sean Whitaker

Building the way to safer sites: A prequalification solution

Andrew Confait

Carrots over sticks: Sustaining positive culture with incentives and integration

Matthew Percival



  The Future of Our Profession Building a Better Team Building a Better Profession Building a Better Project Manager

Assessing Portfolio Project Management (PPM) toolsets: Primavera, Project Server, Clarizen

Chris Hubmann and Kelvin Russell

How to recruit the right people and train them appropriately: A case study of client P3M capability from Europe

Philip Urwin

 Leadership skills and behaviours required to be a successful agile project manager

Erika Baden



Workshop: We are all brands: The power of personal branding and the art of networking

Renee Walker


Driving business performance: What high performing organisations are doing to gain competitive advantage (Research)

Gina Barlow

Developing a high performing team - a case study

Wayne Dellow

A guideline for project managers: Your influence on building a sustainable future

Suné de Vos & Mike Roberts



Afternoon Tea, Sponsored by TANZ E CAMPUS

15.15-15.30 President's Message & Lucky Prize Draws
15.30-16.30 Keynote: Kaila Colbin, Singularity University