Wednesday 19th September

Masterclasses will take place on Wednesday 19th September from 09:00 - 17:00. Two classes are for the whole day and five classes are half day classes that you can pick a morning and/or an afternoon session.

Additional fees will apply to attend a masterclass.

Masterclass 1: 9:00 - 17:00 
Think on your feet

Rhys Watson is presenting this masterclass. To learn more about Rhys, click here.

Ever walked away from a conversation and thought

  • If only I’d said…..
  • Well, I managed to get through that….
  • Why did I say….

Thinking on your feet can be challenging! We don’t tend to come up with the best responses to a hard question on the spot. If only there was a way to respond with Clarity, Brevity and Impact®…..

As project managers, we are regularly challenged by tough questions. We need to keep our stakeholders well informed, we want people to remember what we have said and provide the right information at the right time!

Think On Your Feet® is designed to provide you with the communication plans to enable you to respond effectively, on the spot! At the end of the day, you will be well on your way to communicating with Clarity, Brevity and Impact® - this is a workshop that works! Rated by participants as ‘the best workshop ever attended’ and ‘would definitely recommend to others’, it delivers results!

In this 1 day delivery of Think On Your Feet, you will cover 6 core communication plans, bridging techniques and learn the secret to communication…..with lots of practice!

Avoid the brain freeze, manage the volume of words, deliver your message with…..Clarity, Brevity and Impact®!

Masterclass 2: 9:00 -12:30
Project management micro-skills - How to build resilient teams

Dr. Rich Allen is presenting this masterclass. To learn more about Rich, click here.

In the current dynamic business environment, program parameters are constantly shifting – making new demands of project management teams. To succeed, you need an engaged, agile team that embraces change and can pivot at will.

In this immersive experience, Dr Rich Allen teaches the micro skills that Project Managers need to build resilient teams. Discover the key features of team agility – and how to activate them in your team. 

Unpick the assumptions and habits that could hold your team back. Find out the psychology behind failing fast and developing iteratively. Learn how to turn difficult conversations into light bulb moments.

Masterclass 3: 9:00 -12:30
Launching an Agile Squad

Edwin Dando is presenting this masterclass.

To learn more about Edwin, click here.

Organisations today are moving towards organising delivery of work, in cross-functional squads, who are focused on delivering specific customer outcomes. As organisations move towards these new ways of working, it is important for project leaders and managers to able to lead and facilitate new ways to kick-off and launch an agile squad.

This interactive workshop will cover practical tools and exercises that project managers can use while launching a squad. We will cover things needed to successfully set up an agile squad, so that they are ready to start their first sprint.

Masterclass 5: 9:00 -12:30
Risk and innovation - delivering a great project while maintaining relevance through disruption

Warner Cowin is presenting this masterclass. To learn more about Warner, click here.

 “Your margin is my opportunity.” So, famously, said Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. The ever-present risk for organisations in the current era is obselescene – of brands, products, services, systems, processes and roles. But opportunities abound too.

Risk, opportunity and emotion are all intrinsically linked. By considering what is important to the customer and then coupled with a structured, focused risk-based approach to planning and managing projects and contracts, we can:

  • Align project outcomes with customer needs
  • Identify opportunities for improved project margins and enhance market reputation
  • Maintain relevance in a fast-moving disruptive market   

This half-day masterclass led by one of New Zealand’s risk leaders enables project managers to embed risk and opportunity management principles within their projects and contracts of all sizes. This is not just about technology – but providing effective risk management in an age of disruption.

Learning outcomes for masterclass:

  • Risk based decision-making
  • Design customer-centric solutions using risk
  • Innovation vision and management
  • Risk and opportunity analysis fundamentals
  • Undertaking a baseline risk assessment Embedding a risk management approach 

Masterclass 6: 8:30 - 17:00 
Fast Track PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®

Mike Roberts from Falcon training is presenting this masterclass. To learn more about Mike, click here.

Agile knowledge and experience is in demand. Having great collaboration skills, focusing on business value, and embracing complexity are key components of what makes agile an exciting and sought after approach to delivery.

The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® validates a project manager’s experience and mastery of the agile principles and processes. By obtaining the PMI-ACP®, which offers greater value of the Agile mindset rather than focusing on one particular methodology, a practitioner verifies their agile training and expertise to companies looking to adopt or extend their agile deliveries. 

This full-day masterclass provides a full immersion into PMI’s Agile Practice Guide and will jump-start delegates on their PMI-ACP® certification journey.


  • A walkthrough of the agile domains in preparation for the exam while familiarising delegates with a number of a fundamentals, principles and methods.
  • 7.5 contact hours of training towards your PMI-ACP eligibility requirements.
  • Full explanation of the examination process, including tips and advice to get the best outcome.

Please review the exam prerequisites ( if you intend to sit the exam. 

Masterclass 7: 13:30 - 17:00pm
Change Leadership – Focusing on Mindset Shifts for Successful Change

This highly interactive Masterclass will explore how changing individual mindsets is critical to achieving a collective mindset shift, which will result in behaviour change to support the desired organisational culture. The key to this is providing support to leaders at all levels in an organisation, especially front-line leaders, to demonstrate effective change leadership behaviours.

Your lead facilitator is Ross Pearce, the Change Management Institute (CMI) Auckland Chapter Lead. Ross has had over 25 years of management consulting experience and is currently employed as an Executive Director at EY in their People Advisory Services practice. He will be supported by Leah Fisher & Steve Zingel.

The key topics to be covered will be:

  • What is organisational culture anyway?
  • Assessing change leadership capability & readiness
  • Leading change in a complex environment
  • Coaching change leaders to role model the desired behaviours
  • How can programme/project managers influence change leaders?

Join a team of experienced change practitioners to workshop this important topic, and come away with pragmatic advice, methods and tools to achieve successful change.