Master Classes

Wednesday 20th September

Masterclasses will take place on Wednesday 20th September from 09:15 - 17:00. There are five half-day and one full day masterclasses.

Additional fees will apply to attend a masterclass.

Masterclass 1: 9:15am-12:45pm
Value Management – More than Cost Reduction

Facilitator: Iain Fraser, Jacobite Consulting

Pressure remains on organizational executives and other leaders to continue to develop great value and returns to their shareholders and/or stakeholders. Without a value management framework, organizations will become lethargic and potentially oblivious to changes in environments that can cause significant disruption to the organizations strategy and its performance.

This Value Management masterclass offers a path for improved strategic implementation management. It is based on the value management framework outlined in the ‘The Business of Portfolio Management: Boosting Organizational Value Through Portfolio Management’ book that has been recently released. The masterclass covers a structured approach to the development and implementation of strategy using the value management framework that is integrated with a modern portfolio management approach. Discussion draws from the seven modules and focuses around the why, what, how and when of change associated with a value management approach is covered in detail. This masterclass can be linked to Portfolio Management – A Way of Doing Business. 

Masterclass 2: 1:45pm-5:15pm
Portfolio Management – A Way of Doing Business

Facilitator: Iain Fraser, Jacobite Consulting

Research indicates that most strategies fail to deliver and that implementation of programs of work and projects have an alarmingly high failure rate when compared to their business objectives. Portfolio management at a mature level is the solution especially when it is integrated with a value management framework and becomes a cultural roadmap for how to do business.

This Portfolio Management masterclass goes beyond just a capex focus that is process and rule bound. It is based on a portfolio management framework outlined in the ‘The Business of Portfolio Management- Boosting Organizational Value Through Portfolio Management’ book that has been recently released. The masterclass covers a structured approach to the development and implementation of portfolios that is integrated with a value management framework. This is done whilst developing the strategic direction and plan of the organization. This masterclass can be linked to Value Management – More than Cost Reduction  

Masterclass 4: 1:45pm-5:15pm
Building the Future with a High Performing Team

Facilitator: Wayne Dellow, Good Communications Ltd

This will be a masterclass like no other. As part of your registration fee you will be sent a link to a behavioural profile (normally $250 by itself), which, once completed, will generate several comprehensive and enlightening reports on how you perform in a work environment. You might discover you’re a natural leader, why you need all the facts before making decisions, or why you have trouble communicating with others in the team.

Wayne is an expert at building high performing teams, and will show you what elements and behaviour types perform best together, and what types should be kept far apart. Because we all know that the problem with executing a project is people, right? You will find out how to build and be a part of a functioning, high performing team that successfully carries out projects on time and to spec. Wayne delivers a practical and entertaining master class, and he promises that you’ll never approach project planning in the same way again.

Masterclass 5: 9:15am-12:45pm
Agile Planning and Estimation Masterclass

Facilitators: Edwin Dando (PMP) and Bruce Keightley, Assurity

Have you ever been handed a Business Case or Project Brief and asked to develop a detailed Project Plan, yet also told “don’t forget – we are agile!”

Many organisations want the benefits of agile – frequent delivery of value, the ability to change scope based on customer feedback and self-organising teams – however still expect a thoroughly detailed up-front plan. How to do you cope with this situation? How much planning should you do, and how can you provide enough of a plan without reverting to BUFD (Big Up Front Design)? How do you manage stakeholder expectations when the organisation is used to locking down everything up front?

In this interactive and pragmatic masterclass, seasoned Agile professionals Edwin Dando (PMP) and Bruce Keightley will help participants understand
a) how to break work down into small, valuable chunks
b) how to approach estimation and forecasting
c) how to use empirical evidence to work with stakeholders to continually refine your plan
d) how to report progress
e) common failure scenarios and how to handle them 

Masterclass 6: 9:15am-5:15pm
Fast-track Agile Certification

Facilitator: Mike Roberts, Falcon Training

Increased project visibility, increased team productivity, ability to manage changing priorities. These are just some of the benefits of adopting agile methodologies in organisations, according to a recent study. With more than 94% of organisations practicing some form of Agile, it’s no wonder PMI-ACP® is PMI’s fastest growing certification.

The Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® certification validates a project manager’s experience and mastery of the agile principles and processes. An Agile Certified Practitioner has the knowledge of both Agile and traditional practices and is able to lead teams in Agile environments. By holding this Agile Practitioner Certification, which offers greater value in the Agile mindset rather than focusing on one particular methodology, a practitioner verifies their agile training and expertise to companies looking to adopt or extend an agile methodology.

The Agile Certified Practitioner masterclass will provide an opportunity to learn more about the qualification and help you prepare for the exam PMI-ACP. This masterclass will be a condensed version of Falcon Training’s 3-day PMI-ACP exam preparation course, targeting all the key areas of theory that are most valuable in practice, and of course the examination.

Please review the exam prerequisites ( if you intend to continue to sit the exam. 

Once you have booked your place on this masterclass please contact to discuss your text book and exam requirements.