Colin D Ellis

Keynote Overview: Opening Keynote Day 1

Title: Why Project Management has to Evolve...NOW!

The project management profession has to change. It has to embrace all that is new and that works and discard all that is old and broken. It needs to usher in a worldwide community of people dedicated to promoting better ways of getting things done and to challenge the established doctrines, structures and institutions that are holding it back.

What we need today is something evolutionary, that builds on where projects have come from and establish a different mindset and skill set. A profession that role models emotional maturity, builds organisational agility and continually improves to remain at the forefront of transformation.

The future of the profession can be bright, but only if the focus is on the future and not the past. In this keynote you will understand:

  1. Why emotional intelligence is - and always has been - critical to success
  2. How project management meets the intentions of ‘agile-hungry’ business leaders
  3. Why roles titles such as project manager and PMO manager will go
  4. Why empowering more people to deliver is important
  5. What it means to continually improve and grow as a profession

Dr Rich Allen

Keynote Overview: Second Keynote Day 1

Title: Anything is Possible, if you have a plan

Project managers are frequently faced with impossible situations.  The wrong people are assigned to the project.  The scope changes.  Resources are cut. Deadlines get moved.  Yet in this mind-bending sessions with Dr. Rich Allen, you’ll discover you CAN do the seemingly impossible - and it’s much easier than you thought.  Be prepared to be surprised, impressed (with your brain), and inspired to tackle your next challenging project with an entirely different attitude.

Shawn Callahan

Keynote Overview: Opening Keynote Day 2

Title: Storytelling, A Project Manager Superpower

Storytelling is a lot more than just marketing or Hollywood hype. It’s a powerful tool that can help project managers deliver exceptional business results. This interactive presentation will show why stories work and how they can be used mindfully and deliberately as part of our communication, engagement and influencing toolkits. The best thing is that this superpower is within easy reach with a few skills and some practice.

In the keynote you will learn

  • How to spot good stories to tell
  • What stories to tell when
  • How to build an effective repertoire of stories to tell
  • How to tackle the anti-stories that are killing your project

Shawn is the author of the award-winning Putting Stories to Work and is the founder of Anecdote, the world’s largest business storytelling enterprise that operates in over 20 countries in 10 languages. He works around the world helping leaders find and tell their stories so their message is clear and memorable.

Kristen Hansen

Keynote Overview: Second Keynote Day 2

Title: Project Manager to Project Leader

Kristen Hansen will present the latest neuroscience findings to create high performance and leadership relating to self and of others. It will cover the NeuroTREAD framework, how to Think, Regulate, Engage, Adapt and Develop with the brain in mind. The focus of the keynote will be to transform project managers into “agile leaders of change and performance”. Through a combination of neuroscience, emotional intelligence, collaboration, insights and coaching, the managers will be inspired to lead others to peak performance.

Sir Ray Avery

Keynote Overview: Third Keynote Day 2

Title: A masterclass in successful project management

Sir Ray’s project management team have designed and built manufacturing facilities for International companies such as Roche and Shiseido and developed and commercialised disruptive medical device technologies for the manufacture of low-cost Intraocular lenses, nutritional and consumer product presentations, smartwatches and low-cost neonatal Incubators.

All of this has been achieved using global “virtual” multicultural project management teams.

Sir Ray will provide insights into the determination of customer statement of needs and optimising Project Management Strategies and building winning teams.