Conference Dress Theme

During World War II the world experienced change and upheaval in a way that has not been experienced since. Demand for more powerful weaponry drove technological innovation forward, and resulting injuries experienced in the fighting impacted on medical advances and surgical techniques.

Pencillin was mass produced as a result, blood transfusion technology developed and burn treatments with skin grafts were pioneered.

Women left the accepted domestic roles and entered into the workforce in unprecedented numbers, working in factories, making munitions, serving in auxiliary roles in the armed forces and spying as secret agents.

After the war, the fabric of society was completely changed, parts of Europe and the UK were so badly damaged by bombing that the land still bears the scars today. Due to the Depression and war shortages, food and other essentials were rationed, and people learned to “make do”.

Christchurch experienced its own devastating change when the Sept 4th and Feb 22nd earthquakes struck, levelling most of the older buildings in the CBD, disrupting vital services and left the city in a state that it is still rebuilding from.

Even as Christchurch learns to “make do” with its new normal, we can learn from the examples of WWII. That even in devastation lies opportunity for innovation, forward momentum, growth and new opportunities to develop.

Join us as we celebrate just how project management can positively contribute to the development of a new improved Christchurch, and learn how the whole country can benefit from the experience. In remembrance of what history gave us, and honouring the venue, the theme of the evening is 1940s style - come dressed in full costume, or accessorise to suit the theme, don your glad rags and dancing shoes and prepare to party!

* Dress code is Semi Formal/Cocktail

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