Colin D Ellis

Thursday Breakfast:

Title: How to Create an Agile-Ready Workforce

Abstract: In the early 2000s, the answer to failing projects was the widespread implementation of methods, which didn’t yield a single percentage increase in on time, on budget delivery. In 2018, the same mistake is being made with the implementation of agile practices.

All of these methods work, yet what never happens, is that the workforce that will use them are prepared for their implementation. Inn this session you will understand:

  1. What organisational agility means
  2. How successful agile organisations have prepared their people in advance
  3. The behaviours required to support an agile implementation
  4. Why a ‘social contract’ is important for consistency

Shawn Callahan

Friday Breakfast:

Title: Making Any Strategy Stick with Stories

Storytelling is a lot more than just marketing or Hollywood hype. It’s a powerful tool that can help project managers deliver exceptional business results. This interactive presentation will show why stories work and how they can be used mindfully and deliberately as part of our communication, engagement and influencing toolkits. The best thing is that this superpower is within easy reach with a few skills and some practice.

It’s a dirty little secret of the business world: between 80 and 95 percent of employees don’t know or understand your strategy. And it occurs regardless of how good the strategy is.

Using industry case studies, Shawn’s presentation will highlight:

  1. Why communicating strategy fails
  2. How strategy can be converted into a co-designed story that can be told and retold, so everyone has clarity on what the organisation is trying to achieve
  3. How to identify and tackle anti-stories that prevent progress.