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Project Management Conference 2016 - The Langham, Auckland

The Project Management Institute New Zealand (PMINZ) invites all those involved in achieving successful project outcomes - project, programme, portfolio, change, risk and PMO managers - from around the world and New Zealand to join us in Auckland for the Project Management Conference in September 2016.

Exchange ideas on today’s project challenges and emerging trends. Gain insight from the latest thought leaders, investigate and analyse best practice. Enjoy opportunities to share ideas, learn new technology, techniques and tools for your career, and meet others in the profession across all industries. 

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Conference Theme for 2016

Projects are a critical part of a successful business, yet results show that many projects fail or do not fully meet their goal. Organisations can implement a range of tools, templates and differing project methodologies but this does not guarantee a change in project or business performance. So what is missing? How can the Project Manager help the business thrive and grow and meet its aims? What can the Project Manager do to arm themselves with the right tools and information?

The missing element is a business culture where working effectively on projects is ‘just part of what we do’ Where projects align with strategic goals, where business stakeholders ‘buy in’ to projects and where Project Managers have the skills and training to help drive business growth and performance. 
As Project Managers we are on the front line of the modern business, we are leading the fight for business performance, ensuring growth, leading change and aligning project with strategy.

We are the Agents for Success

Conference 2016 focuses on our four Agents of success.

Agent Strategy 
Aligning a company’s project portfolio to maximise their contributions to the organisations key strategic objectives takes co-ordinated effort. All business stakeholders must have ‘buy in’ and be engaged with projects to ensure success. As part of a successful business culture, the project manager plays a key role in ensuring project delivery meets the strategic objectives. He is the business leader’s eyes and ears on the ground. Agent Strategy is a true field operative! 
Agent Performance 
What makes an organisation great? It’s not the latest product or the latest share price or latest acquisition. Truly great organisations stand out because of their people. From the CEO to the project team, the people it hires, develops, shapes and nurtures determines if it will thrive today and into the future. Great project teams start with great project managers. Creating high performing teams requires great communication, leadership and people skills. Agent Performance is in high demand in the hiring pool! 
Agent Growth 
Today’s economic environment is challenging, boards and senior managers need to understand the fundamental strategic and supportive role project management plays in business. At the same time project managers share that responsibility by engaging effectively with the business senior executives. Working together the businesses can deal with the unexpected, ensure consistent and dependable delivery every time, and ensure projects are efficient, lower cost and help drive business growth. Agent Growth is on the front line of the growth strategy 
Agent Change 
Many organisations rely on proven project management techniques such as PMI, Agile, Prince 2 and many more. But even with these structured project management methodologies many organisations fail to grasp the concept of change, an essential element to deliver the results the business is truly looking for. We need to understand the differences and syngergies between project management and change management, to look beyond implementation, to how projects impact people, organisations and even business culture. The successful project manager needs to hone these skills and ensure their project manages this important aspect. Agent Change is the guardian of change success!

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